Emmaus Retreat


In 2001, Fr. Paul Edwards founded St.Katharine Drexel Parish. Shortly after, Emmaus Retreat started and, to ensure those men and women who lived the experience of walking closely to Jesus could keep that intimate relationship with Christ alive, the Small Christian Communities (or as they are called, "cells") were created.

Small Christian Communities

The Cell Groups are formed by parishioners and meet, usually once a week, to read and to meditate, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, over the Gospel Readings of the following Sunday, using a method called "Lectio Divina". There are several active Cell Groups today, both in Spanish and Portuguese, meeting in different weekdays and times - some of them even welcome kids and teenagers to their meetings.

If you have lived the Emmaus Retreat experience, try and join as soon as possible one of the Active Cell Goups - it will help you keeping the flame lit during the retreat and also keeping you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. If you haven't yet done your Emmaus Retreat, you can also join a Cell Group - but we strongly suggest you to make a decision that will change your life for good, and forever: click on the Registration option at the menu and do it. Do it! You will not regret that decision!

By clicking on the picture, you will open a pdf file that has the list of all Active Cell groups. There you will find all details about their meetings, and the contact of their leaders. Pick one that better fits your schedule and preferences, contact one of the leaders and ask to participate in one of their meetings. If you like it, then join that Cell permanently.

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